Are there women you look up to? Who are they and why are they inspirational to you?

Shazia Mustafa

Founder of Third Door

I look up to so many women and many who I know personally. I am inspired by my cousin, Riz, who is a GP partner of a super surgery in North London and has taken so many more responsibilities over the years to help the NHS whilst being mum to what are now three grounded young men. I look up to my mum for teaching the values of integrity and hard work and unconditional love. My younger sister, Sadia, who set up this amazing charity in Malawi where she designed and produced fashion items to sell that maintained an ecosystem for the local population. My friends and members who all have maintained their own businesses and careers to create their own legacy, whilst being there for their children. There are so many aspiring and inspiring women out there that are not getting their stories out and I can’t wait to see more on the Aspiring Women website.

I have always considered my daddy to be my best friend, but my Mom has been my role model, mainly because of her supportive nature. She has given me all kind of moral support and helped me to overcome the intricacies of life.

Tatjana Apukhtina

Co-Founder of TeaPro

I really admire Wendy Braun. She's an actress who taught me a lot about meditation, mindfulness, about being grateful and about taking life easy. We often push ourselves so hard, that we end up pushing our goals away. Instead, it's important to first establish the vision of where you want to be and then focus on enjoying the ride.

Because, imagine that you've just achieved an amazing goal, say you got that new job. The euphoria that you'll feel will last a few hours, maybe even several days. But how much time did you spend getting that goal? Months, years, decades? So why are we focusing on those short-lived moments of euphoria, instead of just learning to love the things we do every day?

Laila Datoo

Founder of a.life.more.mindful

I admire many women! Working mums who juggle successful businesses (and love their work) with their families. Women who have created and grown a business from nothing - I think sustainable growth is tough and I admire women who are able to do it.

I most admire women who can sell their services in an authentic, passionate way as I think there are so many people out there now saying "I can show you how to make xxx million" or "I can tell you how to do x" Someone who really truly gets it and does it and helps you without you feeling sold to is a great quality to have.

Rani Malik

Co-Founder of Venue 5 and Social Dhaba

I look up to oprah Winfrey she is just so phenomenal in how she talks, her inspirational stories she talks about and how she takes the fear out of FEAR.

Teresa Faley

Founder of Letterbox Brownies

I know quite a few women who have set up their own businesses that are truly thriving and I really look up to them and love to talk to them about their journey, the obstacles they've faced, achievements they've had etc - they are inspiring to me because they have grafted hard to turn their passion into their profession and they never give up.

Sarah Asgaraly

Founder of Beyond Sarah

I look up to Meghan Markle. She is such an inspiration to me, she is beautiful, elegant, well-spoken, determined and she is not afraid of being herself.

Fei Yao

Co-Founder of NewCampus

There are many inspiring people who have worked hard to push for progress in different areas of business, science, arts etc. The stories I find most relatable are those pushing boundaries at the cross roads of different minority groups: the glass ceiling and the bamboo ceiling. These women do exist, but you don’t hear about them enough.

Praneeja Roy

Founder of Roy Events

There are many #bossbabes out there that I look up, women who have created empires while remaining true to themselves is something I inspire to be.

To name a few Huda Kattan a mogul in the beauty world who created something out of nothing, Serena Willams greatest female tennis players of all time and promotes body positivity, Michelle Obama who is inspiring all the young girls to spread their wings and soar!

Shabari Saha

Founder of the London Vegan Business Network

Emmeline Pankhurst leader of the suffragette movement. She changed the course of history and because of her; women now have the right to vote, which is a huge step in not only democracy but also equality for both men and women. There is, of course, still a long way to go in terms of equality in the workplace, especially regarding equal pay but having the right the vote would not have happened if it wasn’t for the efforts and sacrifice of the suffragettes. This is an example of how rebelling against what was considered the norm has worked for the greater good.

Tenesia Pascal

Founder of Earth To Earth Organics

Definitely my grandmother Mrs Gloria Fraser,she raised my brother and I. She moved to England from Guyana to provide a better life for her family. She worked as a bus conductor and faced harsh racism daily during her time here. She moved back to Guyana with my grandfather after they’d made enough money and launched several successful businesses such as a record printing plant, a food factory and a television station. She’s always been an inspiration she’s got a huge personality, a big heart and is well respected in our country. She has done her best to prepare us all for the world.

Carly Thompsett

Founder of Anaphase Store

"I don’t have an answer for this – there isn’t anyone I’ve looked up to"

Priya Shah

Founder of BAME in Property

Sounds cheesy, but my mother is the most inspirational woman in my life. She left her life in Kenya and then India and came to England in the 1980s. She has since worked so hard, raised three children and has never stopped supporting them. My mother encouraged me to read from a young age and it’s where my passion for learning and seeking more knowledge comes from. Even now, she is my biggest champion and there’s nothing that makes me happier than making her proud.

On a professional level, women like Karen Brady and Michelle Obama inspire me – they are so raw and authentic.

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