Tenesia Pascal

Tenesia Pascal

Founder of Earth To Earth Organics

Earth To Earth Organics is a Sustainable, environmentally friendly, natural skincare brand that was developed by myself and my husband Danny.

Tell us about the venture/ business/ initiative you have started...

Earth To Earth Organics is a Sustainable, environmentally friendly, natural skincare brand that was developed by myself and my husband Danny.

What is your definition of success? What advice would you give to your younger self about "success"?

Being happy and able to contribute to the world in a positive way.

I’d say to make sure that you’re happy, material things lose value, your purpose is to give back and make a differences.

What challenges have you encountered on your journey and how have you overcome them? Is this a common challenge in your industry? How can we tackle it?

It’s always been knowledge, for instance where do I buy jars in bulk or what’s the industry standard for this product. Information isn’t readily available unless you go to a packaging fair. I believe that it is a common problem but we can fix it by sharing what we learn and connecting the people that we meet along the way with the best sources for their business development.

Have you ever experienced imposter syndrome? If so, are there any examples you can give and tips you can share with other women on how to overcome it?

Are there women you look up to? Who are they and why are they inspirational to you?

Definitely my grandmother Mrs Gloria Fraser,she raised my brother and I. She moved to England from Guyana to provide a better life for her family. She worked as a bus conductor and faced harsh racism daily during her time here. She moved back to Guyana with my grandfather after they’d made enough money and launched several successful businesses such as a record printing plant, a food factory and a television station. She’s always been an inspiration she’s got a huge personality, a big heart and is well respected in our country. She has done her best to prepare us all for the world.

What are your thoughts on work-life balance? Do you apply any techniques to achieve work-life balance?

It’s so hard to maintain especially with a new business and a full time job. Honestly my life at the moment is 80% work 20% everything else. We’ve got two allotment plots, I really enjoy growing food being at the allotment is a nice respite from everything else. Danny and I make sure that we go on holiday at least once per year it’s really the only time that we really get to switch off.

How did you know it was the right time to start your own venture/ initiative? How would you advise someone who is just starting out with a project outside of their regular 9-5 job?

I didn’t know really, I just did it. I find with anything that it’s better to start it than to wait until things are perfect.

I’d say go for it but be prepared for the long hours because your day now becomes 7-8 or in my case 5-7 it just depends on what works best for you. You have to sacrifice your time to build your business.

What have you learned about leadership, entrepreneurship and mentoring others?

To listen and to speak with intention, it’s so easy to rush in with a million great ideas but someone else in the room may build on it or have a more practical idea. To walk the talk, people invest in you when you live your ethos. You aren’t alone, to lean on others, there’s so many people who are willing to sit with you and share their business knowledge. Give back, a big part of starting our business was finding a way to help young people, mentoring is a great way to do that. We work with our community in Harrow to speak with young people about their futures, it’s such a lovely way to keep ourselves connected in our community.

What mistakes do you see people make when they first start their own venture/ intiative/ business and what advice would you give to women so that they can avoid making these mistakes?

Waiting, so many people say things like ˜I’m not ready, i’m just trying to find the perfect colours for our brand, the packaging isn’t where it needs to be. Often people have had an idea for years but I’ve met women who have sat on an idea waiting to launch it and because they’ve waited so long someone else who had the same brilliant idea beat them to it. Don’t wait, don’t do it, start it today you can tweak it along the way, you’ll get great feedback from your customers along the way. Share the journey with them and you can grow together.

Are there any resources/ books you would like to recommend for the women who read your #AspiringWomen article?

Shonda Rhimes: Year of Yes How to dance it out, stand in the sun and be your own person.

Is there anything else you would like to share with other women on their journey to success?

Be true to yourself, really think about your purpose and that of your business. I believe that we each have a gift to share with the world that’s unique and needed. You will make mistakes, you will be nervous and you may fail but please don’t give up.

Never let money be the main goal, with every successful person that I’ve met since starting our business they’ve emphasised on this. If happiness has any part in your journey to success don’t let money be your main objective.

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