Sarah Asgaraly

Sarah Asgaraly

Founder of Beyond Sarah

Beyond Sarah is an elite lifestyle management company.

Tell us about the venture/ business/ initiative you have started...

Beyond Sarah was born after realising that most concierge companies are male dominated and I wanted to offer a concierge service where women also feel comfortable booking personal things such as waxing, lingerie fittings, and fertility clinics.

Beyond Sarah taps into the most convenient method of communication, so you can reach me directly via WhatsApp, text, email, and even social media for a quick and effortless service that adapts to your lifestyle.

Whether you want to receive the latest trainers before they become available to the public, book a private villa in Bali, arrange a private chef experience to surprise a loved one, organise an exclusive party in a yacht in Cannes, or gain access to an exclusive red carpet event, I will make it happen.

I offer flexible membership options to suit your lifestyle.

What is your definition of success? What advice would you give to your younger self about "success"?

Success is reaching your goals whilst helping and inspiring other people. The advice I would give to myself is to always believe in your dreams and make it happen.

What challenges have you encountered on your journey and how have you overcome them? Is this a common challenge in your industry? How can we tackle it?

The challenges I have encountered is mainly to believe in myself. There were times when I have doubted myself and as a woman and a perfectionist, I am sometimes overly critical with myself. I have overcome them by being surrounded by friends who believe in you.

Have you ever experienced imposter syndrome? If so, are there any examples you can give and tips you can share with other women on how to overcome it?

Yes, I have doubted myself on a few occasions. When Net a Porter approached me for a collaboration, I felt under qualified and I was worried I would let them down. I had this irrational fear that they would be disappointed from the collaboration, when in fact I have exceed their expectations by closing many sales. The tips I would give is to say yes to everything because you never know what kind of opportunity you would get. Even if you feel under qualified, accept the role and learn to do it later.

Are there women you look up to? Who are they and why are they inspirational to you?

I look up to Meghan Markle. She is such an inspiration to me, she is beautiful, elegant, well-spoken, determined and she is not afraid of being herself.

What are your thoughts on work-life balance? Do you apply any techniques to achieve work-life balance?

Generally speaking, as I work for myself I have a good work-life balance and I think it is really important for your mental health. I usually go to the gym every morning, work, go shopping when I have some spare time and also meet friends.

How did you know it was the right time to start your own venture/ initiative? How would you advise someone who is just starting out with a project outside of their regular 9-5 job?

I was working in a job where I did not learn anything and where the culture was toxic. So, I decided I needed to start my own company, do what I love and under my own terms. I am turning 30 this year and thought if I don't start now, I'd never have the courage to start. I would advise them to truly pursue their calling and what they are passionate about.

What have you learned about leadership, entrepreneurship and mentoring others?

I have learned that you learn new skills, every single day. I feel like I am back at university, learning a new course everyday. You also need to be passionate about what you do, as you will get rewarded.

What mistakes do you see people make when they first start their own venture/ intiative/ business and what advice would you give to women so that they can avoid making these mistakes?

The most common mistake is that often we find a web designer and paying a large sum of money, when there are tools such as Wix and SquareSpace where you can create a website instantly.

Are there any resources/ books you would like to recommend for the women who read your #AspiringWomen article?

I am a total geek and do love the Business Development for Dummies book ;)

Is there anything else you would like to share with other women on their journey to success?

Always be surrounded by good people who believe in you and can mentor you.

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