Are there any resources/ books you would like to recommend for the women who read your #AspiringWomen article?

Nikita Ladwa

Founder of The Naked Laundry

My best friend recommended 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne, which I have religiously promoted to everyone who wants to believe in the power of positiveness and The Law of Attraction.

Shazia Mustafa

Founder of Third Door

Whenever I am asked for business advice, I always recommend reading ‘Emyth’ by Michael E. Gerber. The other book I do recommend to anyone starting a business is ‘Start with Why’ by Simon Sinek. ‘Emyth’ helps you understand what is entailed in running a business - if you have a passion you need to put in procedures to help you continue that passion without getting embroiled in the day to day firefighting. ‘Start with Why’ is a great book to help you discover your core beliefs and why you started your business in the first place.

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki; “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy; “Think and Grow Rich” by Ben Holden-Crowther and Napoleon Hill.

Tatjana Apukhtina

Co-Founder of TeaPro

I'd like to recommend "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.

I truly believe in law of attraction and this book is a great example of how we can improve our life by changing our attitude.

Laila Datoo

Founder of a.life.more.mindful

Books - I loved the "4 Day Week" and "Think and Grow Rich" - its much more about self-belief and having a vision than money!

Resource wise I think joining a networking group or a members club where you can meet like minded people can help to feel less alone. There are some great online groups too and I have found a lot of support in the online community through instagram / linkedin.

Rani Malik

Co-Founder of Venue 5 and Social Dhaba

As a business woman I am being very honest there's no such book or any type of training that can make you as perfect as you can yourself

Teresa Faley

Founder of Letterbox Brownies

There is a book called 'The One Thing' which is helpful to those, like me, who find themselves getting overwhelmed with all the tasks they have to do and not knowing where to start - this book helps you work out how to prioritise and focus on one thing at a time.

Sarah Asgaraly

Founder of Beyond Sarah

I am a total geek and do love the Business Development for Dummies book ;)

Emily Jacometti

Co-Founder of Flavour Gamification

Currently on my nightstand;
1. The scale up bible

2. Simon Sinek

3. Rutger Bergman - Utopia for realists

4. Conn Iggulden - Wolf of the Plains

Fei Yao

Co-Founder of NewCampus

I’ve recently been reading AI Superpowers by Kai Fu Lee. It’s not necessarily a book about women or female entrepreneurship – but it’s a stark reminder that 1) the world is changing and 2) there are different ways to do things than what has worked in the last few decades.

Praneeja Roy

Founder of Roy Events

I think if you are just starting out would recommend Make it Happen by Lara Casey, Sophia Amoruso – #GIRLBOSS would be a good starting point.

Tenesia Pascal

Founder of Earth To Earth Organics

Shonda Rhimes: Year of Yes How to dance it out, stand in the sun and be your own person.

Carly Thompsett

Founder of Anaphase Store

I haven’t really used any books – I did sign up to 2 courses to help with my business. The first was a digital marketing for business class at Cardiff Uni and the second was ‘how to sell yourself to the press’ these have been so useful and helpful that I don’t think I would be at this point without them.

Priya Shah

Founder of BAME in Property

I’ve not really been someone who reads ‘motivational’ books, rather, I recommend reading in general – not trash of course, but good, wholesome novels and books about anything that interests you. For me, this is history, politics and travel and this helps with the development of my ideas. It broadens my mind and gives context to what I am trying to achieve.

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