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Nikita Ladwa

Founder of The Naked Laundry

In all honesty, the company started with a feeling. A feeling which I knew needed to be fulfilled. Going back to basics, a sari blouse can cost anywhere between £30-£70 depending on where you are getting it designed. Typically, your blouse will be tailored from the end part of your sari, making it very bespoke and precise to that specific sari and to your body shape. With an Indian heritage, I created The Naked Laundry to promote versatility between various cultures and various occasions. The term ‘Naked’ for us represents pure, contemporary and minimalist which allows drawing both Western and Indian fashion styles together. The blouses are designed in UK sizes and aimed worn with saris, pleated skirts and even a high waisted pair of tailored trousers. The purpose is to minimise your wardrobe and still make you look and feel stylish in a premium way.

Shazia Mustafa

Founder of Third Door

I’m the cofounder of Third Door, a family-friendly coworking space with an onsite flexible Ofsted registered Nursery in London. I have three children who are aged 11, 9 and 7.

Third Door is the UK’s first coworking and flexible nursery hybrid business, based in South-west London. I co-founded the business nine years ago with my husband. Back then and even more so today, Third Door has been about removing the parenthood penalty and creating a better work/ life balance for mums and dads. We have created a solution that allows parents to be able to work near their children, thus saving them time and money by cutting their commute time, as well as removing parent-guilt. Our nursery solution is super-flexible allowing parents to choose between fixed days and flexible packages, upgrade and downgrade their childcare package depending on their needs. With the flexibility we offer, we have helped countless families, especially mothers, who may not otherwise have been able to return to work and continue their careers on a full-time or flexible basis. We also have many members who are freelancers or run their own business and they say they couldn’t have done this without the services we offer. We always designed our services and amenities to be inclusive of fathers, and as a result, are delighted with all our dad members who also regularly use the Workhub.

Schooling system has not changed even for a bit. But we have! Several professions and job roles such as those of doctors, lawyers, accountants are believed to become redundant over the coming years. But the Schools are still making us believe that it is important to study traditional books in order to become successful in life – become real doctors, accountants and lawyers. Will there be a gap in the learning process of our society? Most of us have smartphone and all forms of gadgets that answer our immediate questions in just a few seconds. Whereas our current education system believes in memorization of information.

Robotics, AI and digital technologies are fast changing our worlds every day. Does this mean alternate means of Education is becoming a necessity in our lives? I have read fascinating autobiographies of successful people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Jack Ma and various others which has changed my way of thinking in life. I have launched a YouTube Channel and have attended many seminars and various kinds of business events. I have also spoken in property investment seminars. I am currently learning a lot about asset, liability and things that define Debt, Inflation, difference between money and currency, etc. If somebody asks about anything related to property investment, I can jolly well answer that without a hassle. All thanks to my interest in alternate education. Reading books on entrepreneurship, self-development and motivation is defining my ideas and thoughts in a big manner. I read Rich dad poor dad by New York Times Best Selling Author, Robert Kiyosaki when I was 6.

Tatjana Apukhtina

Co-Founder of TeaPro

I run a tea subscription company called teapro. We send out monthly boxes with premium loose leaf tea, teaware and tea education, focusing on new tea variety each month. In a way, we take you by the hand and show you all the treasures that the world of tea has to offer.

Laila Datoo

Founder of a.life.more.mindful

I support businesses to motivate & engage their people to create happy, mindful workforces and a healthy bottom line. I do this through delivering mindfulness, stress management and well-being programmes and working with businesses to improve their well-being initiatives.

Teresa Faley

Founder of Letterbox Brownies

Letterbox Brownies is a service that allows you to send brownies with a personalised gift message to friends and family, anywhere in the UK

Sarah Asgaraly

Founder of Beyond Sarah

Beyond Sarah was born after realising that most concierge companies are male dominated and I wanted to offer a concierge service where women also feel comfortable booking personal things such as waxing, lingerie fittings, and fertility clinics.

Beyond Sarah taps into the most convenient method of communication, so you can reach me directly via WhatsApp, text, email, and even social media for a quick and effortless service that adapts to your lifestyle.

Whether you want to receive the latest trainers before they become available to the public, book a private villa in Bali, arrange a private chef experience to surprise a loved one, organise an exclusive party in a yacht in Cannes, or gain access to an exclusive red carpet event, I will make it happen.

I offer flexible membership options to suit your lifestyle.

Emily Jacometti

Co-Founder of Flavour Gamification

After back-packing through China with my best friend, I returned to a well thought out career and life path. I found neither very appealing nor the thought of just going through the motions with a man that wasn't the love of my life, working a job I wasn't thrilled about, gave me a sinking feeling. But as these things go, an opportunity (disguised as a lot of hard work) presented itself; what if I could be part of something small with the potential to have a positive impact on the world?

It only took one summer evening talking to Jain van Nigtevegt to completely turn my life around. I quit my job, broke up my relationship and moved back in with my parents; I was now officially an entrepreneur.

Years of bread with peanut butter followed while we looked for our voice, it turned out it was simple; we teach people things through gaming, we change behaviour and make sure that the change lasts. If we use fancier words, we talk about societal impact, or gamification.

The essence is always the same; we use gamification and storytelling with our own design method to create heroes. Because heroes will make sure we change big problems.

Fei Yao

Co-Founder of NewCampus

We’re a lifelong learning school for professionals excited by change. We host daily classes in co-working spaces around the world after-hours. Instructors are global entrepreneurs live-streamed into small group classes. Our curriculum focuses on topics that prepare people for a changing world including emerging technologies, trending industries and digital skills. Our mission is to prepare people for a changing world.

Praneeja Roy

Founder of Roy Events

We design events ranging from luxury weddings, soirees, birthdays, and corporate events. Planning and organising events has always been my passion and have been organising events ever since I can remember.

Shabari Saha

Founder of the London Vegan Business Network

It came at exactly the right time. Although, I had studied international business at university, I didn’t have any practical experience of running a business. Therefore, when this opportunity arose, I thought that it would be a great way to learn the practicalities, while at the same time get the support that is needed to run a successful business. There were 3 words that convinced me to join the opportunity Lord Sugar (who is 50% owner of the brand), vegan products, and life coach.

I’ve been vegan for nearly 22 years. Although, there are a lot of vegan skincare brands out there. None of them ticked all the boxes in the same way as this brand in terms of not only being vegan, but also natural, harsh chemical-free, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free.

As a result of running my business, I have had the opportunity to give talks about veganism, chemical-free living and entrepreneurship to a wide range of audiences, including university students.

3 years ago, I also took over running the London Vegan Business Network. We are a network of over 600 vegan business owners, self-employed traders, start-ups, vegan events organisers, and budding entrepreneurs. I organize regular networking meetings.

Tenesia Pascal

Founder of Earth To Earth Organics

Earth To Earth Organics is a Sustainable, environmentally friendly, natural skincare brand that was developed by myself and my husband Danny.

Carly Thompsett

Founder of Anaphase Store

Carly struggled though her educational years with being dyslexic and dysbraxic but she has broken those barriers down to live out her dreams. Since receiving help from the Princes trust, Carly has become a business mentor and ambassador to give back and help other people who may have the same struggles and give them confidence to blossom. Carly has met Prince Charles and personally been invited to Buckingham Palace – Carly’s business Anaphase Store is Online and based in Cardiff. They stock their own designs and slogans printed onto Clothing ranging from newborn to 5XL, Homeware where they make their own candles and bath bombs, Footwear, Cosmetics, Accessories, Gymwear, Art Prints and Holiday items for the upcoming Seasons.

Priya Shah

Founder of BAME in Property

BAME in Property is a forum to help bring more ethnicity to property, from recruitment to planning delivery perspectives. We hold networking events, workshops and roundtables to have the crucial conversation about why there is a lack of diversity in the property and planning sectors and what can individuals and companies do to help change that.

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